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To the average person, twins and books have nothing in common. Now, if you're pregnant with twins, you might be reading all the TWIN BOOKS (to figure out how the heck you will survive) but to most, there is no commonality there. For me though, these two things have an interesting story, and thinking about that story, might just mean that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

I got to thinking about something recently, something I'd really put out of my mind for many years. We took a trip to NYC in October of 2009. I'd never been to New York, so we spent a great deal of time sight seeing, and experiencing things we wouldn't normally experience at home. On this trip we ran into a street psychic. I'm not a real believer in psychics, so it was literally just for fun.

"Put your hand on the cards, and close your eyes," she said.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll oblige and pretend like I believe this," I thought

Then she said a few things that surprised me...

She said, "I can see that your heart is yearning for another child, next year (which would have been 2010) you will have another child. In fact, you will have twins, a boy and a girl."

In this photo, I'm smiling because we were hoping for another child, and I was intrigued by her saying it would be twins, because my dad is a twin, and I always thought it might be a possibility.

She followed up the twin talk by saying, "you will also find a career as an author, you will write a book." She gave no timeframe on this one, no insight as to what the book topic would be, but I would write a book. Hmmmmm.....I had no plans on writing a book. In fact, I'm the girl who takes an hour to write an email, while I make sure it's just right. As we walked away I thought, you know, there are topics in my head I could definitely share, and probably some that could really help others, but I didn't take it very seriously, and put "writing a book", out of my mind.


It was March of 2010. We find out that we are PREGNANT. The weeks between finding out and actually going to that first doctors appointment, were torture. Coming off this trip to NYC, I couldn't help but think, what if she was right, what if I"m having twins. We went in for the sonogram and learned this pregnancy looked greatl, and we would be blessed with ONE sweet baby, in November of that year.

Fast forward to 2012. The trip to NYC was a thing of the past. I didn't have twins in 2010 like she said, her prediction was dead to me. I went to the doctor this time around, without my husband. I told him it would be a quick appointment and he didn't need to leave work to come with me. I'm giving you a brief synopsis, and someday I will share even more of this twin story, but cutting to the chase, they tell me I'm pregnant with TWINS!

Our gender reveal party and finding out it's boy/girl twins.


So the psychic had the twin prediction right, even if it was off by a few years, but what about her book prediction? I've yet to write a book. I've never really thought that I had enough content to share with others in a book format, BUT, I as sit here tonight typing, writing, I can't help but wonder if she was right. Maybe, just maybe, this social media existence, this blog, this writing, could this be the book she predicted? I can't help but wonder if yet another prediction had come true. If this online presence is my expression, and my way of connecting with others through writing. Could I be there? Could I be exactly where she predicted I would be? It might all be coincidence, but I'd like to think, she truly gave me a glimpse into the future that day, and maybe I'm living proof that those tarot cards, and the smoking street psychic, might just be the real deal.

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