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Love and Amazon Fashion

Love is in the air, it's officially wedding season! My brother and now sister-in-law, were married in a beautiful ceremony last weekend. I was honored to be a bridesmaid in the wedding, my twins were ring bearer and flower girl, and my big boys were ushers. We truly enjoyed every moment of the wedding festivities and being part of such a monumental occasion.

I was married almost 9 years ago, and although I remember all the details, I had forgotten slightly, just how much goes into planning a wedding. The big ticket items to the smallest details, it's a lot to think about and put together. I didn't have near the responsibility that the bride and her family had, but I did have to dress four children under nine, and finding just the right outfits was a little stressful. I like to be as frugal as possible, for outfits they will most likely only wear once, but I never want to sacrifice quality and overall appearance. That's what brought me to write this blog post. I just had to share the details of our kids wedding wear, in hopes it would be helpful for some of your little's, who might be in a wedding in the coming months.

Let's start with the sweet little lady in our lives, our princess. You can go to a bridal store for a flower girl dress, but I made it slightly more difficult by deciding to shop online. I looked through several dresses for a simple, ivory, tulle dress, and found this one at Dillards. It arrived, and was just what I was looking for, but it hung a little flat on her. This fantastic crinoline, on Amazon, was just what we needed to poof it out a bit. I replaced the ribbon it came with, with some pink ribbon I found at Hobby Lobby, and voila!

Dress: Dillards/ Crinoline: Amazon/ Shoes: Amazon

Lastly, those cute little shoes, with the itty bitty heel....adorable! She didn't complain about them the entire night, danced the night away in them, and felt like such a little lady.

Flower girl outfit total: just under $100 (including the hair clip and pink ribbon).

Next up, the ring bearer and his big brother ushers. They couldn't have suits to match the groom and groomsmen, but I wanted them to be as close as possible. Finding a navy suit that is similar in color to the grooms, without having the grooms suit, and shopping online...YIKES! I was a nervous wreck that the suits would show up and not only be the wrong color, but be complete junk. I'm happy to say, I was wrong! The suits for the boys were absolutely fantastic, well made, rich in color, and a perfect fit for all three. I ordered pretty true to size for all of them. The suits arrived in their own bags, complete with shirts, vests, pants, coats, and a generic tie. We opted for a tie, similar in color to the groomsmen, these are from The Tie Bar. See the suits HERE. The only issue we had is the white button-up for my middle son was a little long in the sleeves, but had I remembered to roll them up a bit, no one would have ever known.

Three boys in matching navy, 3-piece suits.

To round out the outfit, I ordered matching shoes for the boys as well. This is the only part that got a little hairy. The first shipment came, and all the shoes were half a size too big. Luckily, returns were simple, and I did one day shipping for a half size smaller. The shoes arrived the day before we left, and the boys worse them the entire night, no complaints. Great dress shoes for the young boys, I would highly recommend, but size down.

Boys outfit total: $90-$100/boy (including the tie from Tie Bar).

(The suits do vary in price, depending on the size, but only by a few dollars)

I like Amazon for most things, but clothes (especially formal clothes) are not typically an item on my shopping list. A review like this would have helped me tremendously, in my search for kids wedding wear, so if it helps just one other person, it was worth the write up.

To wrap things up, here are a couple cute action shots, so you can see the kids, in their outfits, doing their thing.

Groomsmen by Indigo Lace/@indigolacecollective

Flower girl and groom by Indigo Lace/@indigolacecollective

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