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"I know what I like I'm just not certain my selections are the right ones."

"I have everything picked out, I just need a second opinion."

"Do I need two dishwashers, should I go with master on the main level?"

"I need someone to help with paint and tile selections."


I've heard these comments countless times over the years.  Heck, I've been the person who needed a second opinion.  The fact of the matter is, we all doubt ourselves and our selections at times.  Curating and designing your biggest investment (your home) is an exciting time, but it can also be filled with stress and anxiety. To help ease the pressure so many feel while the renovate, build or simply re-design, I'm excited to offer consulting services in design, e-design and home decor. Interior design services can be expensive, and not everyone needs a full-service experience.  I'm excited to be that second opinion, to go on the shopping trip, to put together paint samples, tile options and more.  No job is too small.  If you are stuck, I'm here to help. 





Beyond design another passion and skill I've honed over the years is business consulting.  Building a presence on Instagram from the ground up taught me a lot about what people want to see, the best ways to reach and connect with an audience and how important the all-around customer experience is. I enjoy strategic planning with businesses who feel stuck, businesses who need a change but don't know where to begin and businesses who have a lackluster presence on social media and are ready for more.   


I look forward to working with you, to sharing in your design experience and helping your business take the next step in strategic growth.

Design Consulting

Business Consulting

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