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Updated: Feb 17, 2018

Why this space saver could be a good fit for your next renovation. Read on for my most frequently asked wet room questions.

I definitely didn't start this trend, in fact "wet rooms" have been seen, across the pond, for many years. A space saving, spa feeling design, I just knew it was right for our master bath. When we attempted to lay out the design, it was the best way to truly showcase our salvaged claw foot tub.

So beyond the aesthetics, I thought I'd touch on the most commonly asked questions, pertaining to the wet room.

Question #1: Is there only one drain?

Answer: Yes, the center drain is the only drain in the wet room. The tub drains directly on the tile and follows the slight slope to the drain.

Question #2: That's a lot of glass, is it difficult to keep clean?

Answer: Yes, it's rather difficult to keep clean, but there are ways around it. We have 4 children, who refuse to use their own showers, and all shower in here. They splash far more than my husband and I, so water spots are our biggest problem. Well, water spots, and the fact that they write their names in the steam on the glass. Most people would keep a squeegee in a shower like this. I tried that and only ended up using it a couple of times, because I'm lazy.

Question #3: Is this a steam shower?

Answer: No, this is not a steam shower. Adding features to make it one would have taken us over our budget, so we settle for the steam that collects in a regular shower. :)

Question #4: What is your favorite part of having the tub in the shower?

Answer: I love that the kids can splash in the tub with no concern of drenching the entire bathroom. I also love that this set up allowed us to have a larger and more open shower space.

Question #5: Is that wood tile or a wood floor?

Answer: It's an actual reclaimed wood floor. We are well aware that most people shy away from using wood in bathrooms, but we love it and have never had a problem with it.

Check out these awesome wet-rooms for more inspiration.

Source: Photography by Dustin Aksland, courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts. Found on


Source: Photography-Tim Clinch

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Apr 08, 2019

What color stain did you use on your bathroom floors?

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