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One Room Challenge- Week 6- THE REVEAL!!

It's time for the BIG REVEAL!

I can't believe 6 weeks have just passed me by. It's funny how that sounds like plenty of time at first, until you sit around and do nothing for a few weeks, and then have to play catch up, and work every moment, up until the day of the reveal. I like to think I work better under pressure, but I'll be honest, everything else suffers when I work under pressure. My laundry room is a disaster, the dishes in the dishwasher have had to be re-washed a couple of times (because they sat in there too long), I can't find anything in my closet because it's a disaster, etc. Deciding to join this challenge, as a guest participant, was obviously optional and a self-inflicted deadline, but I'm certain I wouldn't have completed this space, without the push it gave me.

Over the years I've really come into my own, as far as my design aesthetic is concerned. I have no professional training (and it shows) but I know more NOW, about what I truly like, than ever before. I like a room to be a combination of new and old. Elements that have a crisp classic look, but vintage items that are showing their age. A blended, collected, casual, chic look is my style, and I strive for that in every part of my house.

Part of my goal for this space was to really design on a dime. I needed furniture, window coverings, decor, etc. I'm happy to say that nearly every item in the room I either already owned, was on sale from a retailer, or was thrifted. There were a few things that seem to never go on sale, but they were at price points that didn't break the bank. I'll go into detail below about the total cost for everything you see in the space, and where you can find it.

Before I show you all the photos, in the BIG REVEAL, let me just say that not everything worked out for me. The desk in the room was the look I wanted, but it's entirely too small. I couldn't hang much on the walls without serious trouble (old house probs). The floor doesn't come perfectly clean (and I'm afraid to use chemicals), but it was re-grouted and looks better than before. I'm not certain this is the furniture layout I'll keep forever, but for now, it allows me to sit at the desk and look out, towards the front of the house, and that I KNOW I like. I realize I could have added more, but I didn't want to add items just for filler, I wanted the items added to be things I really wanted. This is all I could find, in 6 weeks time, that I felt like I needed.

So drumroll please, here is the SUNROOM REVEAL:

I'm pleased with the outcome, and my husband and I are both thrilled that we can leave the little French doors, in the parlor, open to a completed space. I can envision myself using this room, and I look forward to adding to it in the months to come.

Design on a Dime- What did it really cost?:

I tried to complete this space on a budget, and I really think I did the best I could, with what I spent. Here is an overall breakdown of where I spent my money:

Couch- $328

Desk- $160

Desk Chair- $322

Ottoman- $118

Bamboo Shades- $300

Blue and grey stools- $100

Wicker chairs and cushions- $224

Floor Lamp- $59

Decor- $175 (which includes artificial trees)

Wallpaper- $30

Total- $1,816.00 (give or take a little)

Where can I find these items, and what paint colors did you use?

I always get a lot of questions about paint, so to answer that question right off the bat, the paint I used was:

Trim and Doors- Benjamin Moore, White Dove (OC17)

Walls- Benjamin Moore, Balboa Mist (1549)

If you are interested in any of the items pictured, I've linked the items below that are still available to be purchased. I will say, when I bought the couch, desk, ottoman, and desk chair, they were all 30% off at Target. Those deals may no longer be available, but keep an eye out, as Target does furniture deals often.

Here is a reminder of what the space looked like before, when we bought the house:

The walls were blue, the roller shades were dusty and dirty, and the floor had many cracks and shifts in the grout.

It's been fun....

Thank you so much to everyone who wanted to keep up with the transformation of our space. I had a great time taking part in the one room challenge, and felt inspired and cheered on by the other participants, IG friends and the ORC community as a whole. Looking forward to the fall challenge!!

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1 Comment

May 11, 2018

You sunroom is beautiful! I love the layered rugs and the blue and green pillows. How wonderful to have a room with so much light. Gorgeous space!


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