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One Room Challenge- Week 5

Oh my goodness, there are so many amazing rooms to discover on the #oneroomchallenge. I found myself scrolling through and thinking, "holy cow, these rooms are so much better than mine." It's easy to fall in that trap, or go down the rabbit hole of comparing your space, your things, your design, everything, to others. Don't do it! I'll admit, I indulged for a moment, but made myself snap out of it quickly. It's ok to be inspired by others, to love what someone else has done, or even like something more than you like your own, but to be envious or to compare, it's a dangerous game. Instagram is by far my favorite social media platform, but I will say, it's the absolute worst, when it comes to seeing things you like and comparing yourself or your home to someone else. There is so much perfection portrayed, that reality becomes skewed, but that's just it, it's all a portrayal, NOT reality.

So let's talk about reality. The reality of my sunroom is that it's not perfect, and it never will be. The floors are old and stained. Those stains will never come out, but I like the floors so much, I'm choosing to live with the imperfections. The windows could use some TLC, the doors stick when you try to open them, it isn't properly heated and cooled, the list goes on and on. It's a room that will look better once I'm done, but it will never be perfect, and I'm working on accepting that.

So beyond realizing the room is kinda rough, I've been on the fence about keeping one of my recent purchases. The desk. I fell in love with the spindle legs of this desk, but when it arrived, I realized it was really just a bit too small. I'm waiting on the chair to arrive (tomorrow) before I make my final decision, but with ceilings at 11'3", this desk is being swallowed whole by the room. With just a week to go, I'm not sure I'll find exactly what I'm looking for, but I guess that will be part of the fun, when I do the final reveal.

So at the end of WEEK 5, I can say I'm getting there! With some of the furniture delivered this week, things really started coming together, and no matter what, I'm excited that I got up, got moving, and worked to make this a functional space for our family.

Check out the website, by clicking the logo above, or type in the hashtag #oneroomchallenge on Instagram, to check out some awesome transformations. Looking forward to the big reveal next week!

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