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One Room Challenge- Week 4

I wrote last week about changing direction, from my initial design board. Since that time, I worked on a new design plan, ordered all the furniture, bought the last few shades (and now need to find the time to hang them) and started scraping paint from the windows. The task at hand becomes more stressful, when the design changes, but I'm a firm believer in going with your gut, and my gut told me the first design wasn't the best design.

Updated sunroom design board

With the new design down, I went ahead and ordered the couch, ottoman, desk, chair and pillows. They are slated to arrive next week, so I'm hoping by next Thursday, I'll have some furniture in place to share.

Today I spent some time messing around with a creative design element. Unfortunately, I tend to like "less clutter", so I probably won't run with it, but I gave it a shot. We have this cute ledge above the windows, and I felt like it was the perfect place to share some sort of collection. Once I got up there with the colored books I was hoping to use, I realized the 2 inch shelf wouldn't hold books up, like a typical library shelf. My idea of lining this upper ledge with books (spines out) went down the drain. I thought then about displaying them differently, maybe using old bottles we found in the cistern, up there as well. All in all, I think it looks funny and cluttered, but design and decor is a lot of times trial and error.

Books and bottles on the little shelf. Clutter or Collection?

Do you ever see something and think, "YES, that...those...these are my colors!!!" That's what I thought the moment I saw this table runner, at a local thrift store. The rust color reminded me of the terra cotta tile floors. I knew I wanted a shade of blue. Whites, tans and khaki's are always in my wheelhouse, and a little bit of gold, mixed with the wood tones and shades felt like the right fit. The fact that this is a sunroom, and there were birds on the runner, made it that much more appealing. I can envision bird watching from this windowed room. I knew I had to have the runner, for consistent inspiration, and luckily it ended up being $2.50.

A thrifted table runner for inspiration

So for right now, I'm in a holding pattern. I'm on the lookout for items to fill the shelves, but I'm just waiting for all the furniture to arrive, and crossing my fingers that it all looks the way I imagine it in my head. I'm anticipating something will go wrong, but I'm hoping to take it in stride, and have a few back up plans up my sleeve, just in case. I'm looking forward to the week 5 update, and some very distinct additions to this space.

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