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Each year, something in the world of design, catches my eye. This year, that something happens to be making it's way through decor, furniture, clothing, paint, tile, and more. Here are some of my favorite GREENS!!!!!

Photo credit: For more on this photo, and the rest of the French countryside home tour click here.

A dessert bowl to die for!! Joanna Gaines gets it right, love this from Hearth and Hand

And these matching plates!! Hearth and Hand

THIS TOP....yes please! SO cute, and my favorite style, flowy.

And I DIE! This space gives me all the feels! For this photo and more, check out @buildingwalnutfarm.

I believe the color used in the photo above is Benjamin Moore, "Backwoods". You better believe I'm going to find a place to put this color. It's classic, and looks amazing with light wood and marble!

Maybe the dark greens aren't your style?! What about a classic, soft, beautiful, sage green, like this...

Photo from the Benjamin Moore website.

Color is...

Never would I ever have thought to put the next group of elements together, but WOW, what a statement in this space....

Photo Cred: deVol Kitchens

To read more about this space follow this LINK from the deVol website. If you aren't already following them, I'm not certain there is another place you can find kitchens with soul, quite like theirs. Check out their Instagram feed for a daily dose of gorgeous!

I shopped at H & M today, and although I can't seem to fit in their clothes very well, these earrings caught my eye. Loving the emerald color, and I"m still addicted to tassels.


Right now, shades of green are everywhere, and I'm loving it. I hope some of these items, that caught my eye, inspire you, like they have me. Make a statement with decor, with paint, or by wearing it well. Go get your GREEN ON!

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04 de abr. de 2018

Green with envy so glad to see so much green. I love your blog I live in Cottleville and wonder what area of St. Louis your in. I would love to find my dream home and restore it someday. But for now I can live vicariously through your blog. Thank you

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