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Deep Thoughts and Doing Things

I've done a great deal of soul searching over the past few months. I have one more year of kiddos at home, and truth is, I'm scared. I'm scared about what it means to be an elementary school empty-nester. My identity for the last 10 years has been, MOM. To some extent, I feel like I've lost myself, while I focused on the kids. I think this is completely normal, and I'm finding that a lot of mommas out there feel the same way. So over the past few months, I started stressing about what I would do when they are all in school. I questioned how I could possibly get back into the work force (full-time)? I really still need a part-time schedule, to be available to support my husband in his career, like I always have. It's a dilemma, but I've been determined to figure it out.

Being their mama is the best part of me, but it's not all of me.

I've talked myself into deleting Instagram, probably 20 times. I spend too much time taking pictures, perfecting shots, decorating, re-decorating, watching stories, reading questions, responding to questions, following friends and their feeds, etc. It's time consuming. That said, every time I get ready to hit delete, something comes up. Someone asks to partner with me, or someone features my work, something always stops me from saying goodbye. I've finally decided to take that nudge, that sign, that little push to keep going, and see just what I can do with this creative outlet.

I'm starting to lose some of you, I can see it, you're thinking, "she's going to sell out and promote all sorts of random stuff to us everyday." NOPE....NOT DOING IT! That's where I draw the line. I refuse to shove things down your throat, that I don't love, that I don't use, that I don't believe in. So, not much will change, other than I'll be looking for more ways to simplify and spend less time on my phone, all while staying connected, being more creative, doing more DIY and sharing more quality content. It's time to stop worrying about what the future will hold for my "career" or what life outside of being mom looks like, and just live in the moment, working with what's in front of me.

So simplifying and saving myself some time, started today. I populated my Amazon storefront, with items I've shared on my Instagram feed. How cool is that?! I share photos everyday, many of which have items ordered from Amazon, and I receive shipments every week from them. It's truly a natural fit, and having items I share, in this one location, will make life easier to direct people who might be interested in something they saw.

So, what is the Amazon storefront?

Well, it's a place where I can link the items I love, and you can easily find them to purchase, if they interest you.

Do I get compensated? YES.

Is it fair to be compensated for sharing items? I THINK SO

Does it help me feel like I am contributing to my family (outside of being mom) and like the time I spend on Instagram means something? YOU BET!

Will it save me some time, when answering questions about where things are from? YOU KNOW IT!

All in all, it's a win for everyone.

There are several ways to make an income on Instagram, but quite honestly I haven't had an interest in making it a full-time job. For me, remaining authentic on social media is the most important thing. I only like to follow authentic people, and I'm certain the people who follow me feel the same. I am committed to sharing only products or items I actually use, have in my home, or love, on this Amazon Storefront. You can be sure anything I share is truly coming to you, recommended.

I hope you enjoy it, and I can't wait to share all the Amazon stuff I LOVE.

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