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Challenges to Changes: Part I- The Kids Bedroom

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Bedding change for a better fuctioning kid space

Mothers have been dealing with children, and their inability to keep a tidy room, for ages. I'm not the first, and I won't be the last, but I've had enough. It's maddening to walk into a space, that you know can be beautiful and put together, only to find unorganized chaos. So this year, I'm making a slight change, to lessen my load, all while adding some responsibility for the kids.

A typical day in my boys shared room

A typical day in my boys shared bedroom

The boys and I still love the look and feel of their room. We designed it to grow with them, and so far so good (besides asking to hang posters on the walls, which I allowed for a short period of time) they haven't complained a bit, or requested anything different. So making changes meant keeping the room very similar in style, while adding function.

The boys room for a magazine shoot we did a while back.

New Bedding to the Rescue

I've had my eye on this Beddy's Bed bedding for over a year. Originally the main attraction was the fact that it was great for hard to make beds, because these trundle beds can be a pain. The bigger issue for me now, is that even if I get the sheets changed, the kids never make the beds. So today, I'm most excited that it allows the kids to easily make their beds (in a presentable manner) without my help, and eliminates the "I can't do it" excuse.

I absolutely love how the new bedding looks. Before, I loved the white comforter (in this otherwise dark tone room) but it was difficult for me to make, let alone the boys. Lots of pulling taught, tucking, etc. The new bedding takes little to no effort, and looks put together in seconds.

The space at completion... every day of 2018......... and after, with Beddy's!

I only wish I would have pulled the trigger sooner, because this could have kept me from several days of frustrating bed making, in 2018.

If you've been considering Beddy's hopefully this Q and A will help:

Q: Is Beddy's hard to wash?

A: No, not at all. In fact, easier than I expected. Simply remove the entire Beddy's system, and put it in the wash, that's it!

Q: What bedding did you select?

A: I chose "Love at First White" because I wanted to keep the bedding simply, and not change the style of the space.

Q: Is the color of the bedding a bright white?

A: No, I would say it's slightly off white, but I love it. It's not as bright white as the bedding I had before, and I actually prefer the new bedding. It's not as stark on the eyes. The minky interior however, is a fairly bright white, so it's nice to see some differentiation from the outside fabric and the minky interior.

Q: What do your kids think about it?

A: My 8 year old was excited about the bedding even before it arrived. He thought the concept was super cool, and loved the idea of not struggling to make his bed Once it arrived, his favorite feature was the minky interior. My 5 year old was most excited about playing with the zipper. :)

Q: Why didn't you put Beddy's on the bottom trundle bed?

A: We recently purchased new mattresses for the entire family, so the old mattresses moved down (because they were newer than the bottom mattresses). The problem, however, is the mattresses we moved down are pillow top mattresses, so they barely fit under the top bed, as is. Putting Beddy's on kept the trundle from actually fitting under the top bed. Had we actually had a true trundle bed, I would absolutely put Beddy's on those bottom beds as well.

My Beddy's Review

The fabric is high quality, it's practical, great for hard to make beds, and gives kids an easy way to help, in their own space. This bedding is genius, and I wish I would have thought of it myself. My absolute favorite feature is the minky interior, and the fact that it folds out to act more as a blanket while they sleep, as to not feel like a sleeping bag.

I know what you're thinking, "there must be a downside?" Well, there is, the downside is I have 4 sets of sheets that I won't need again, because Beddy's is all-in-one. So I guess you can say my sheets are going to waste. Even so, I'll take the wasted sheets any day, to gain the ease and practicality of Beddy's Beds!

Visit Beddy's HERE for a look at the different colors, styles, and sizes they offer. I'm already thinking about Beddy's for one of our upcoming projects, the bunk room!


DIY Hat Rack

This is not bedding related, but I always get asked about the boys hat rack, so I decided to share this simple solution as well. It's an easy DIY solution for organizing hats. I found the metal rack you see here at Hobby Lobby, but I've never been able to find it online to link, and the racks are not always available in store. I found a few other racks, available on Amazon, that should work the same, so find those here, in my Amazon store.

What you need for this DIY

- Any metal rack, or ladder

-S hooks (just be sure they fit over your metal bars)

-Nails or screws to secure ladder to the wall

(You can also opt for a leaning ladder, or over the door rack if you are short on space.

Both options are linked in my Amazon Store)

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