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Challenges to Changes- New Year Series

A short series dedicated to making simple changes, for big impact, in the new year.

The new year is here, and many of us are ready to hit the ground running with resolutions, new plans, big ideas, etc. Others though, may not have made resolutions, or think "new year goals" are ridiculous. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, of new year plans and resolutions, it's never a bad idea to reflect on how we can make life better. This year I made actionable resolutions and goals, hoping they lead to positive changes in 2019. Here's how you can do the same...

Determine your areas of struggle

Where did you struggle?

What drove you crazy?

What frustration brought you to tears?

Where did you feel like you were failing?

What tasks did you neglect?

Where did being unorganized fail you?

Once you've determined your stressors, look for actionable ways to remove those bumps from your days, your weeks, and your households. This is my list of struggles...

*Kids bedrooms - Unmade beds, clothes on the floor, folded laundry destroyed, toys all over, etc.

*Laundry- Staying on top of the massive amounts of clothes, for our family of six. Constant piles of folded clothes, hours in the laundry room sorting, washing (sometimes rewashing after they sat too long) and then the dreaded, putting it all away.

*Cooking- I love my kitchen, and spending time in there, but I can never decide what to make. It stresses me out to no end, and I always feel un-prepared. I have only a few staple meals (things everyone will eat), and my pantry/refrigerator is a disorganized mess. Anything food related feels tasking for me.

My Pinterest board, full of food ideas, yet I'm still stressed

*Spending too many hours on my phone/InstagramAbout every 3 months I tell myself the online stuff needs to go. I'm spending too much time there, when I am needed elsewhere. Spending so much time, on my phone, has lead me to become less productive around my house, and less present for my children.

The new screen time feature has made me realize just how many productive minutes are spent in non-productive ways,

When stressful situations are identified, it's easy to see where changes can be made. This helps me narrow my focus, and allows for specific goal setting and problem solving. Check back for my next post Challenges to Changes: Part I- The Kids Bedroom for info on how I will tackle the organization in that space. In the meantime, think about your personal struggles, what stressed you out in 2018? What changes can you make to rid yourself of those struggles?

Looking forward to sharing more on this topic, and discussing the changes I am making for our family, in hopes they might help your family as well.

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